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Nonprofit TeamThe nonprofit sector in the United States has grown dramatically in the past three decades. Nonprofit or nongovernmental organizations face many new challenges. To respond to these challenges, the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh has established a Nonprofit Clinic.

The GSPIA Nonprofit Clinic provides graduate students the opportunity to gain valuable experience of applying the knowledge and skills learned in classes while assisting small nonprofit organizations. The nonprofit organizations benefit by receiving needed assistance that they may not be able to afford. Faculty, staff and experienced volunteers serve as supervisors or mentors for the students working on each project.

The GSPIA Nonprofit Clinic's main purpose is to provide technical assistance and capacity building services to small nonprofit organizations. In other words, we help nonprofits enhance their own abilities and enable them to do what they do even better while at the same time enhancing the students' abilities to govern, manage and perform more effectively.
What is "Capacity Building"?
"Capacity Building" seeks to improve the performance and effectiveness of a nonprofit organization by increasing the skills and knowledge of its members, employees and leaders. After the initial training process, a nonprofit organization should be able to analyze its present situation, determine what may be a problem or shortcoming, engage in strategic planning to address the situation, educate personnel to implement the plan, and then evaluate the results. The goal of successful capacity building is to enable a nonprofit organization to utilize its internal resources, skills and knowledge to find answers to future problems.

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